Savon Sanomat (Finland): Musiikillisten vaikutteiden ristitulessa

Felix Del Tredici’s trombone intertwined tonal visions to vibrate a gospel of contemporary music in the opening moments of the concert.”

Felix del Tredicin pasuuna värähteli nykymusiikillista ilosanomaa konsertin alun kietoutuvien sävelkuvien hetkissä.”

NY Times: Fresh Fare Is Served Well Chilled

“Nature’s violence and human suffering are the subjects of Sandeep Bhagwati’s disturbing but fascinating “Seventeen Miyagi Haikus for 2 Bass Trombones and Piccolo Trumpet,” inspired by the Japanese earthquake of 2011, in which Mr. Taylor and Mr. Del Tredici were joined by Peter Evans in drawing strange sounds out of their instruments that were by turns alienating and eerily human.”


NY Times: Violin and Bass Trombone finally meet, and It’s Love

““Dynamic Duo” was written for Mr. Del Tredici’s nephew, the extraordinarily versatile trombonist Felix Del Tredici, and the violinist Mark Peskanov, who is also the artistic and executive director of Bargemusic. The two instruments got along swimmingly, thanks to the skillful writing that found common timbres in the muted trombone and the high range of the violin’s G string, as well as to the trombonist’s ability to match the nimble articulation of Mr. Peskanov’s violin.”

Concertonet: A Singular Salamagundi

“If a particular star must to be found,it’s virtuoso trombonist Felix Del Tredici. Nephew of composer David Del Tredici, (who took uncommon delight in the lad’s performance), Felix took his uncle’s “Paganini”Variations, transforming his instrument into a virtual fiddle of dexterity, using the variety of mutes to a prism of colors.”

SoundWordSight: Bargemusic Here And Now Winter Festival

“The bass trombone pieces – David Taylor and Felix Del Tredici – were the most theatrical to look at… Dave is acknowledged to be the master of this instrument; Felix Del Tredici is an emerging master…”