The New York Times has described Felix Del Tredici as an “extraordinarily versatile trombonist” whose performances are “disturbing yet fascinating” and “hair-raisingly virtuosic”.
He has performed with Ensemble Signal, Musikfabrik, Fonema Consort, No Hay Banda, Klangforum Wien, Kollektiv Totem, The Hong Kong New Music Ensemble, and the Lucerne Festival Academy. He has been lucky enough to blow his horn in many different contexts through Finland, Hong Kong, Greece, Switzerland, Central Europe, USA, Mexico, and his home: Canada.
He studied at the Schulich School of Music, and for a brief time at the Musik-Akademie Basel. His teachers and mentors include David Taylor, Pierre Beaudry, Mike Wilson, Dave Martin, and Mike Svoboda.
His personal work centers around improvisation and the theatre of daily life.